Our Mission

We're a student-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit empowering computer science, data science, and design students to create social good by breaking down the barriers to entry in social impact spaces.


Our Story

In January 2017, we were a group of technology students frustrated by the lack of mission-driven technical internships — so we decided to do something about it.

We launched a blog, newsletter, and online community to rally our peers around the idea that being a technologist can mean more than working on a food delivery app. Soon thereafter, we created the Civic Digital Fellowship, a government internship for innovative technical students. 

Our Fellowship now has 50 alumni, while our greater movement reaches over 2,000 college students across the country. Together, we're redefining what it means to create impact as technology students.


Meet the Team
We're a non-profit for students, by students.


Rachel Dodell
Co-Founder & Executive Director

Rachel recently graduated Cum Laude from Wellesley College and is currently a Venture for America Fellow. She oversees CIF's day-to-day operations, partnerships, and communications. Previously, Rachel was a 2017 Civic Digital Fellow at the U.S. Census Bureau. When she's not writing words or code, she's likely listening to a podcast.

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Christine Jou

Product Manager

Christine is a junior at Harvard College studying Computer Science on the Mind, Brain, Behavior Track with a minor in Statistics. This past summer, Christine interned on Facebook’s Community Integrity team to fight spam. Last summer, she was an intern at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory working on malware detection and virus classification. If she isn’t coding, you’ll probably find her beatboxing, dancing, or on a food adventure.

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Chris Kuang
Co-Founder & Director of Operations

Chris is a junior at Harvard College studying Applied Math and Economics. He works closely with federal agencies, students, and partners in spearheading the Civic Digital Fellowship. Chris also holds leadership roles at the Harvard Institute of Politics and Harvard Yearbook Publications. Born and raised in Boston, MA, Chris is a diehard Red Sox and Patriots fan.

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Ariana Soto

Project Manager

Ariana is a junior at Harvard College studying Government with a minor in Computer Science. This summer, she interned at the New York Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics. In 2017, Ariana was an intern through the inaugural DataLA Summer Academy with the Los Angeles Mayor’s Data Team. When she’s not busy doing all things data and civic tech, you’ll find her singing a tune or soaking up some sun.

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Mariam Baqai
University Partnerships Manager

Mariam is a senior at Mills College studying Business Economics with a minor in Computer Science. In her role, Mariam leads student recruitment for the Civic Digital Fellowship. Previously, she was a 2017 Civic Digital Fellow and a Digital Strategy Intern at McKinsey & Co. She is passionate about women's empowerment, economic opportunity, and good brunch.

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Emily Fong

Community Manager

Emily is a senior at NYU studying "Decolonial Computing," which combines computer science, public policy, and critical social theory into a custom course of study. She is working to engage impact-minded students on their campuses. Previously, Emily was a 2018 Civic Digital Fellow at the U.S. Census Bureau, and loves thoughtful code, great tea, and sci fi.

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Board of Advisors

Jeff Meisel | Chief Marketing Officer at the U.S. Census Bureau

Nick Sinai | Venture Partner at Insight Venture Partners and Adjunct Faculty at the Harvard Kennedy School 

Seamus Kraft | Executive Director and Co-Founder of the OpenGov Foundation

Natalie Moore | Product Manager and User Researcher at the U.S. Digital Service, Department of Veterans Affairs

Athena Kan | Co-Founder of Coding it Forward

Neel Mehta | Co-Founder of Coding it Forward