We’re looking for engineers, product managers, designers, and more. Apply to the role that best suits your background — but don’t worry if you have multidisciplinary interests. You’ll have the chance to wear many hats during your 10 weeks as a fellow.

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Software Engineer/Data Scientist


Data science and software engineering fellows will work with the country’s most extensive datasets to develop analytic models, algorithms, and applications from the ground up and deploy them at scale. As a fellow, you might wrangle data to create visualizations, deploy a web application, or write machine learning algorithms.

You should be comfortable programming in languages such as Python, R, SQL, SAS, and Javascript to create databases, produce data analyses or visualizations, wrangle with datasets, or program modern, responsive web applications. Familiarity with predictive modeling techniques and text analytics is a bonus.

Product Manager


Product Manager fellows will work with software engineers, data scientists and designers to design, develop, and deploy products for their host agency. They will work with agency leaders to identify opportunities to increase citizen engagement, work across disciplines to drive forward a solution, and iterate on a minimum viable product.

You’re a good fit for this role if you can communicate between technical and non-technical stakeholders, set realistic goals and deadlines, empathize with users, and are willing to push your product forward through red tape.

Applicants should be skilled in human-centered design, UI/UX design, agile development, and working with teams. Bonus points if you’re comfortable with programming languages such as Python, R, or JavaScript, or if you have previous experience with user research or agile development.



As a design fellow, you’ll work with software engineers, data scientists and product managers to design, develop, and deploy user-centered products for your agency. You should have a passion for understanding users with the goal of designing beautiful, easy-to-use products. Former design fellows built user-centric websites with the United States Web Design Standards, and deployed design solutions for private-public partnerships.

You should have experience with user research, experience design, pattern libraries, or applications like Adobe Suite or Sketch. Bonus points if you have front-end engineering experience.

Data Journalist

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Data journalist fellows will write engaging, data-driven content that showcases the potential of government data. As a fellow, you’ll work closely with mentors to produce work that will reach a wide audience — including the American people. You might draw inspiration from FiveThirtyEight, which blended political reporting with data analysis to create engaging articles, podcasts, and data visualizations.

You should have experience researching, writing, and editing data-centric content. As a data journalist, you’ll need the skills and knowledge necessary to report on data, statistics, and other quantitative analyses in an engaging and accessible style.

Applications are closed.


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